Suds and Bubbles and Splashes, Oh My!
Ruff House
Self-Service Dog Wash
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Get Clean!

There are Two Types of Washes Available:

For a quick rinse,

the Special Sprint Wash

10 minutes of stall time
for $10

For full grooming,

The Spa Experience Unlimited Wash

Under 39 Lbs.

40-74 lbs.

Short hair,
75+ lbs.


Long hair,
75+ lbs.


What a great deal!

Types of Shampoo:

with Vitamin E and Sweet Orange essential oil

for sensitive skin

Tea Tree and Aloe with Tea Tree essential oil
for dry, itchy skin

Coconut Luxury Conditioner

Never Wash Your Pooch in the Shower Again! 

We've perfected our washing facilities to ensure the most enjoyable experience for you and for your dog!

Our raised tubs save your back and the low ramps are less scary for your dog than the alternatives.

We provide warm water and the pre-foamed shampoos in our shampooing system are easy to apply and have been mixed in-house with high quality ingredients.

You are free to use as many towels as you need and our cool air, high velocity dryers are safe for your dog's sensitive skin.

Keep your dog's ears healthy with our ear cleaner and spritz your pup's coat with a wonderfully smelling leave-in conditioner.

Take advantage of our great selection of rakes, brushes, nail clippers, and specialty shampoos.

Don't forget a free after-bath treat!  Everything is included!
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